WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Slide DRYFT TRIAL PACKS FIND YOUR VIBE Some of our most popular flavors. Give them a try, see what you like and start enjoying smoke free, vapor free, tobacco leaf free nicotine. VIEW TRIAL PACKS DRYFT VARIETY PACK INCLUDES: Wintergreen Spearmint Citrus Dragonfruit Cinnamon

Slide STEP 1: PICK YOUR PLAN Choose the plan that works for you: ten, fifteen, or twenty cans per month. MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION: 15 CANS Slide STEP 2: CHOOSE YOUR VIBE Choose between three nicotine levels and eight flavors. Pick the perfect combo for you. 2MG 4MG 7MG CITRUS WINTERGREEN DRAGON FRUIT Slide STEP 3: KEEP 'EM COMING We’ll do the rest. Your personalized Dryft Kit will be delivered every month. Pause, switch up or cancel your plan at any time. SUBSCRIBING IS SIMPLE AS...