WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

About Us

ABOUT US DRYFT exists to enable every person to enjoy life without constraints

ZERO CONSTRAINTS Wherever it is you find yourself going, we’re here to give you a way to enjoy nicotine without compromising how you want to live. DRYFT exists to enable every person to enjoy life to the fullest without the constraints of needing to step outside for a smoke or conceal a spit.

Slide HAVE IT YOUR WAY With three strengths and eight flavors, we designed our products to fit comfortably into any lifestyle without compromising any aspect of it. From casual users to daily ones, we provide people with a high-quality form of nicotine that can be used effortlessly and anywhere.

BREAK FREE Enjoying nicotine should never be a pain or limit your adventure. That is what DRYFT is all about. We are made to go with you on the road less traveled, to enhance your enjoyment wherever you find yourself, to encourage you to break free and “DRYFT” off the beaten path.